You are able to order additional services, such as those listed below.
If you have a specific need, please use the contact form.

  • Risers for shorter players/younger grades. 1880 long x 295 high x 150 high - $150.00

  • 'Courtyard Friendly' wheels. Larger wheels to assist moving the marimbas to other venues for concerts: + $25.00 to marimba price.

Please note - my bars have the pin holes on the OPPOSITE TO THE PLAYERS side, to avoid students bending/breaking pins.
​You will need to specify your requirements if you are matching the older style marimba designs.

  • Full set of bars for Box Resonated or Bass Marimba - $700.00

  • F# and Bb bars for Box Resonated Marimba - $450.00

  • F# and Bb bars for Bass Marimba - $300.00

  • Beaters for Box Resonated Marimba (6 beaters) - $75.00

  • Beaters for Bass Marimba (4 Beaters) - $75.00

Instrument Tuning and Repairs
Marimba Tuning

  • Marimbas 4.3 octaves or smaller: $90 per octave

  • Marimbas larger than 4.3 octaves: $90 per octave

  • Vibraphone Tuning: $85 per octave

  • Xylophone Tuning: $85 per octave

  • Glockenspiel Tuning: $75 per octave

Classroom and Orff Schulwerk Instruments

  • Wooden bar instruments: $15 per note

  • Metallophones & Glockenspiels: $15 per note

Wooden bar repair and resurfacing will cost the same as tuning costs above, as tuning is also required.

Marimba Bars
Marimba Bars
Box Resonated Marimba
Box Resonated Marimba

Additional Marimba Items

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