Marimba Plans Page
Marimba Plans Page
Marimba Plans Page
Marimba Plans Page
Marimba Plans Page
Marimba Plans Page
Marimba Bar Making
Marimba Bar Making
Marimba Plans Page
Marimba Plans Page

Now you can be confident enough to build your own Box Resonated Marimba, or the Baby Bass Marimba

Full descriptions and tips.

Each plan has:

  • A list of tools required

  • Materials List

  • Step-by-step instructions

  • Drawings

  • Colour photographs

What will I get?

All plans are in PDF format, ready for you to print.

The Box Resonated Plans are 35 Pages.

The Baby Bass Plans are 28 pages.

When you buy the plans, you will get my support for as long as can be reasonably expected.
Remember, I want you to have a safe and satisfactory build - and end up with a GREAT instrument.
I will assist you in answering your questions as best as I am able to.

If you have some wood-working skills and have access to basic tools (or professional ones, which makes it so much easier!) then, what are you waiting for?

Order your plans today - via the enquiry form or order form - and spend your free time making a great instrument at a VERY reasonable price.

‚ÄčEach set of plans are $110.00

Please respect the copyright of these plans.

You are purchasing for ONE person, but you can make as many instruments as you like!
This is now my only paid work.

I have made the plans to be as simple and as clear as possible, and it took a long time!
PLEASE - NO sharing or any commercial use of the plans. One purchase - one person.
‚ÄčLen Clark

Price: $110.00

ABN: 295 230 460 18
Payments are made to:
ME Bank
Account name: L. C. Clark
BSB: 944600
Account number: 001883122

Marimba Plans